Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tiny Little Birds and the Squirrel by the Garage

I love the tiny birds that live outside my back door. Today, the light was perfect and I took about twenty pictures of the little clan. When I downloaded them onto the computer, I realized they're not just one type of bird, as I thought, but perhaps three or four different kinds of birds.

At the front feeder this morning I saw a bird I've never seen before. I heard it early this morning while walking the dogs and did not recognize its song. I knew it had to be a small bird because I couldn't find it in the trees. I tried to take it's picture many times, but as soon as I'd click the camera, it would disappear up into the trees. Then, while editing pictures of other birds, I discovered I inadvertently photographed the little creature hiding in the bushes. Using its markings, I am pretty sure I've identified it as a Carolina Chickadee.

There is a pair of gray doves that likes the front bedroom feeder now. I was walked the dogs down by the road and the doves followed me in the trees. I took some good pictures of them, as well. They seemed rather friendly. They sat on a large branch watching me for a long time, then followed us back to the house.

When I reached the house, I put the dogs inside then walked into the back yard to check the bird seed and I was "flocked"--a small flock of birds fluttered up and around me and into the trees. I love when that happens. It's like being surrounded by tiny angel wings.

There is a male squirrel who prefers to eat alone out of a clay pot tray that I fill with seeds and keep near the back garage. When it is empty, he pushes the tray through the fence, or flips it upside down as if leaving me a message. Today, it was buried in the dirt. He's never done this before. I was really surprised. It seems somewhat out of character for him and I'm not sure he did it. A little mystery...


Ben Brigman said...

I have been surrounded by birds lately. It all started like a month ago when one flew into my lap on my b day. Being caught of gaurd I pushed the bird off me was my instant reaction. Therr is plenty more that has happened, but it's a beautiful thing to be closely surrounded by nature.

Darla Sue Dollman said...
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Darla Sue Dollman said...

Yes, it is a beautiful thing, and such a blessing for you! I had an instinctive reaction like this recently. I've been studying, and writing about, cicadas. One morning, as I stood in my backyard, a strange winged creature landed on my leg. I wasn't sure if it was a biting creature or not, so I gently brushed it away. I should have reached for my camera instead--when I looked it up later on the internet I discovered it was a cicada! Thank you for sharing your story with me!