Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deer, Squirrels, Grocery Store Sparrows and Grackles

I woke up this morning to the glorious sound of rain, reached for the cord on the blinds and gave it a good, hard tug, and as I did so, I thought, "What are you doing? You always open the blinds slowly so you don't frighten any animals standing by the pond!" And, of course, there was a small herd of deer standing just outside my bedroom window!

They didn't run off. They stood and stared at me for a few minutes as I took pictures then wandered into the forest when I ran to fetch my husband to share the experience. They were lovely, calm and graceful creatures, such wonderful gifts from God.

The squirrels are back in full force. I knew they would return as soon as they realized I was home. They spent the morning scampering up and down the tree branches and one sat on the back porch munching on sunflower seeds until she had cleaned out the entire dish. She appears to be pregnant. There doesn't seem to be a pregnancy "season" for squirrels around here. They seem to have babies year-round.

We went to the store and the grocery store was filled with the sounds of sparrows chattering as they flew back and forth amongst the metal rafters. I think they come in and out through the huge windows on the ceiling, but that could also be where they keep their nests. It amazes me how many birds live in the grocery stores out here, and no one seems to mind that they can't here the drone of the elevator music over the lovely bird songs.

In the parking lot, two grackles hopped nearby as we unloaded our groceries into the truck. I took out my camera and they moved even closer as if they were posing for shots. They really are lovely birds with their many shades of brown and black. I like the way the chocolaty feathers on their necks blend into the black feathers on their backs. Very pretty.

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