Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Haunted Sliding Cabinet Drawer

What appears to be a lump of fur lying on the top cabinets beneath a ten-foot ceiling is actually a very mysterious cat who somehow manages to leap onto the kitchen counter, then the top of the refrigerator, then the top counter where he hangs his tail over the edge and flips it back and forth, taunting the many dogs in this house. 

I first noticed Chewy the Chihuahua staring at the kitchen cabinet drawers shortly after we moved into the house. He wasn't barking or growling. He was staring, as if he was confused, or perhaps even frightened. We were new to the house, and I have read that animals are very perceptive to paranormal activity. The children suggested that perhaps there was a ghost in the kitchen. Then I saw the drawer slowly slide open then close again and I began to wonder...

I tried to push the drawers closed, but they seemed to be pushing against something soft. Chewy was even more confused. He checked the floor for clues. We were both at a loss, and it was very late, so I decided to go to bed. 

Later that night I walked upstairs for a bottle of water and noticed Chewy was still guarding the drawer. I finally convinced him to come to bed and as we left the room I heard the drawer slam. I glanced around the corner and noticed to drawer was completely open now, but the room was empty. 

I decided it was time for a stakeout. I left the dog in the basement and crept up the stairs. I discovered my daughter's monster cat, Samson, also standing near the drawer. I wasn't sure if he was searching for clues or involved in the mystery. I decided to stand quietly in the doorway, camera in hand, and watch to see what happened next. 

Samson heard the click of the camera and my cover was blown. However, I did notice he was standing suspiciously close to the drawer. I ducked around the corner and crept through the hall to another doorway.

I could only assume that Samson was also searching for clues to the mystery of the sliding drawer. Considering his massive size, I didn't expect that he would be capable of finding anything in or behind the drawer. 

Was he still searching? I couldn't tell! I will say this--I was NOT expecting to see him climb into the drawer! How could this massive 25 pound cat  possibly fit the front half of that body in such a small space? I was stunned...but Samson had even more surprises in store, or, um, drawer!

Samson started nudging at the top drawer, then sliding into the bottom drawer, working on both drawers at the same time to create space--this is one clever cat!

So, he was in the drawer. Or, partially in the drawer. Could he possibly stuff that huge bottom into the drawer?

He was trying! He seemed to know exactly what needed to be done. He didn't hesitate, he knew where to place his paws, when to move the top drawer out, when to push it in. I still don't know how the drawer above him works with this trick, but it does seem to be necessary for him to move the second drawer while sliding his body into the first. 

He did it! I almost wanted to clap, but I still couldn't figure out why the empty drawer would slide in and out! I had to figure this out. It was after midnight and I'd already wasted two hours watching this sneaky creature. There wasn't a chance that I would go to bed before figuring out the mystery.

And like the snap of my fingers, the drawer was empty. I didn't even see it happen. One second I was staring at his huge bottom stuffed in the drawer, the next he had completely disappeared...and the bottom drawer was slowly sliding in and out. I pushed it in, he pushed it back out. 

So, part of the mystery was solved--this gigantic feline somehow manages to climb behind the drawer and taunt the other animals by pushing the drawer in and out. I still don't know how he gets back out of the drawer, or even why he does this, but anyone who is owned by a cat knows that there is no explanation for their behavior. 

However, I did show the pictures to Chewy and explained to him that the kitchen is not haunted. When I told him he was being tricked by a cat, well, let's just say he was not amused...

In memory of Samson. You will always be a part of our family and your playful soul will always be a part of my treasured memories. May you rest in peace.