Friday, December 10, 2010

Still in Colorado

I am still in Colorado. I miss my dogs and cat, my little sparrows, Mrs. Toady, the butterflies that appear out of nowhere any time of year, and most of all, my friends, the little squirrels. When I left in October they were hanging upside down by their toenails and stripping my pecan trees of all the pecans. Now, according to my husband, the leaves have fallen from the trees and the pecans are safely tucked away in little squirrely hiding places.

I've seen so many red-tailed hawks and kestrels in this Colorado neighhborhood! Last night, I took a picture of a bird sitting on a nearby rooftop, and when I enlarged it I realized it was a sparrow hawk. They are interesting hunters. They sit very still on posts and telephone wires facing the fields, then suddenly, without warning, they will dive straight down and snatch their prey.

We've spent a great deal of time at the park near Lake Loveland. It's been a wonderful, yet sometimes heart-breaking experience. The lake is wedged between a playground/picnic grounds and a high school. The high school students spend breaks and free time at the park. Many of these students are very polite and respectful, but there are always a few bad apples.

I can't even count how many times I've seen adults--not children, but adults--chasing the ducks and geese, tackling them to the ground, or unleashing their dogs to allow them to attack the birds. The children and I watched in horror as a teenager grabbed a red crowbar from his truck and chased the geese around the lake, just for fun. There must be close to a thousand Canadian Geese migrating on the lake right now. Last week, we pulled up to the park to find one was torn to shreds right in front of the parking spot. There are three large Egyptian Geese at the park. One day, they were fine. The very next morning, one of them had a broken wing. We've seen two Canadian Geese with broken legs. It's just shameful.

I've complained to the local Humane Society and sent extensive letters to the local Audubon Society. I would think they would have some protection under the International Migratory Bird Act. Hopefully, someone will respond with some sort of help for these glorious creatures. Hopefully...