Friday, June 17, 2011

Help Save the Sumatran Tiger

It seems to me that one of the primary reasons we are seeing so many species on the endangered species list is due to habitat destruction. The problem is so wide-spread it seems insurmountable, but there are small ways to help. The World Wildlife Fund has a petition you can sign online to encourage the Indonesian government to stop habitat destruction and help save the Sumatran tigers. If you are interested in helping these magnificent creatures, the petitions is here:

All Activists: Sign on to Save Sumatra's Tigers | World Wildlife Fund


Annette Phillips said...

What would the world do without God's glorious creatures? Instead of thinking of themselves, people should think of others and the animals that call this earth home.

Darla Sue Dollman said...

I agree, particularly when it comes to endangered creatures. Animals are a gift from God.