Thursday, April 7, 2011

Houses, Squirrels, Birds, Raccoons, Hummers

I am at the old house, cleaning. I was waiting for a sign, something that would let me know that everyone would be okay. As I checked my email on my computer, the little bird who built her nest in the grapevines near my truck flew in the back door, which was only open a crack, landed on the rock bar, turned and looked at me, then flew back out the open sliding glass doors. I think she was saying goodbye.

I left the sunflower seeds, bird seed and corn here so I could continue feeding the little creatures while I finished moving and cleaning and someone broke into the container and ate all the sunflower seeds last night! Yes, I am certain it was the twin baby raccoons! They do like their seeds. They were also nibbling on the corn. They ate all of the seeds on the tables, as well, but the corn cob hangers are almost empty of their corn, so I know the squirrel who just had babies has been nibbling this morning.

Last night, as I drove away from the house, I found myself facing a most spectacular sunset! The colors were stunning in their variety and intensity. I stepped out to take a few pictures, then someone pulled in behind me so I had to drive away, but I noticed numerous cars and trucks stopped along the highway with their drivers standing by the door, taking pictures of the sunset. Apparently, I'm not the only one who is in awe of God's nightly masterpiece!

When I arrived here this morning, I started to say something to my husband, then noticed a little creature buzzing around my head. Apparently, I was blocking the hummingbird feeder! I took a step back and a bright green hummingbird sat down at the feeder and drank her fill, then flew off, with two others chasing her! Hummingbirds eat every ten minutes, and we have so many here right now. I bought a new feeder for my new house so I can leave these here until the new owner is ready to set up her feeders.

Last night, as I was closing up, and the air around me turned orange and pink with the setting sun, I heard a rhythmic buzzing sound and realized a hummingbird was doing a mating dance over the grapevines. They fly from side to side, as if swinging on a swing. I tried to film it, then my camera battery died! I quickly replaced the battery, and the little hummer resumed its dance as if it was waiting for me! I love those little birds. Such a precious gift.

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