Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Love Vultures

Every night, as I stand on the roof photographing the sunset, two black vultures fly over my head and over the forest. They land on a tower and watch the sunset, then come back into the forest as I'm climbing down the ladder.

Tonight, I photographed them on their post. Then, after the sun was down, I took another picture. One of the vultures flew up and in a circle, then back to the other, trying to land on the wire. The next picture I took, the vulture is squatting on the wire next to his mate. A short time later, I watched as they flew back into the forest behind my house.

I sincerely believe they are watching the sunset.

I photographed three lizards today. The large bedroom patio lizard was by the back door. I stepped onto the patio to take some pictures of a flock of white winged doves in the front trees and spooked the lizard who went scampering up the wall through the ivy and spooked me!

I took a walk this afternoon without the dogs. As I walked through the grass, dozens of little sparrows flew up and around me, then landed in the grass a few feet away. They followed me most of my walk. I think they might be grasshopper sparrows. I can't even explain how wonderful it feels to have a flock of tiny birds flutter around you as you walk through the grass.

We have found a buyer for this home. I am sad, and yet, I am eager to meet a whole new set of blessed little creatures in New Mexico. And, God has truly answered my prayers with this couple. They love the little creatures, too!

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