Friday, May 1, 2009

Raccoons, Birds and Toads

I did some research on my raccoon friend, and had a long chat with my cousin who rescued a baby raccoon once. Apparently, they eat toads and baby squirrels, so I have decided not to encourage her presence on my porch, since this is where the little female baby squirrel likes to eat. I will move the bird seed dishes at night, then replace them in the morning after the raccoon goes to bed.

I also sprinkled cinnamon on the table beneath the bird's nest to discourage the raccoon from exploring in that area, just in case the baby birds start making noise. I can move everything back in the morning, but I don't want to be the cause of any casualties this spring. It's a shame, too, because I really did enjoy watching the raccoon last night.

I read online that Raccoons are very social creatures and love to interact with humans. However, as I watched the little raccoon in the porch light, I noticed that she had some of the sharpest teeth I've ever seen, like little needles, and I wouldn't take the chance of interacting with her, either. But since she only comes out at night, the chances of any interaction are rather slim.

Of course, the raccoon will continue to visit us because we have a pond filled with toads. The snakes will always stop by for a sip of cool water, the armadillos will continue to forage for worms around my pond plants, and the road runner will creep about the house, searching for little lizards and small birds. This is a part of life that I will have to adjust to as I continue living in my circular, glass house, my truly amazing gift from God.

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