Wednesday, February 18, 2009

butterfly Season

It was 81 degrees today and a stunningly beautiful day, but it must be butterfly season in the Hill Country because the air was filled with butterflies! I came inside after walking the dogs and there was an orange butterfly attached to my pants. I let it crawl into my hand then took it outside and it just sat on my hand for awhile. I mix lavender oil with my hand lotion. It was probably enjoying the scent.

The cascading rosemary in my side yard are all blooming with masses of tiny blue flowers and whenever I walked past them this morning small clouds of butterflies would drift up from the plants. I stood in front of the large picture window in my living room and stared out at our massive front lawn which is still covered in dried grasses since it is early spring, but as I watched, I could see tiny flickers of movement. The longer I concentrated on this view, the more butterflies I could see. I'm not sure what they were landing on out there, but there were hundreds of them flickering about! In some spiritual traditions, the appearance of butterflies are a symbol of change and transmutation. Considering the warm weather we had today, I can certainly believe the butterflies were showing us that spring is on the way!

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