Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hawk Action

The hawk is back and he's starting to make me...well, angry. I was sitting in the den today listening to the sparrows and he swooped down onto the patio and frightened the birds so badly that two of them flew into the window. I was talking to my sister about the situation and she suggested moving the fake owl to the den patio, which I did. The sparrows and squirrels don't seem particularly concerned by the owl, but I'm hoping it will intimidate the hawk a bit. Only time will tell.

They changed the forecast last night from 100% chance of rain to 70. It's been raining all night and morning. We are building an Ark right now. We have five squirrels on the bedroom patio, trying to avoid the rain. Actually, they're pigging out on sunflower seeds and corn. They keep chasing the baby squirrel off, and he runs a few feet, turns around, and runs right back in to the foray. He's a keeper.

The baby squirrel has been so funny. It was 85 a few days ago and he was on the back porch playing while his mother ate seeds. He kept running up to the door and putting his paws on the glass then peeking inside. He's absolutely adorable. His fur is so golden its almost white. The belly fur seems to take on a reddish color as the squirrels get older.

Uno, the one-eyed squirrel, has decided he likes the dish of food I fill by the second garage. He takes the seeds into his teeth, climbs to the top of the fence post then nibbles on the seeds while my chihuahua barks hysterically at the door. I think Uno likes intimidating the dog.

Chewy the chihuahua has decided he is not a morning person. After we wake him up for his walk, he climbs back into the big dogs' bed, buries himself in their blankets and sleeps until noon. He's still running off on walks. Now, he hides behind trees, waits until I pass, then races back to the house and sits by the door... with one paw raised like he's saying hello, pretending he was there all along.

I was watching television and noticed a tiny bird outside the den window so I went to look and sure enough, it was a hummingbird! I read on the Travis Audubon site that some early birds have been sighted, but they're in my yard! We ran to the garage and dug out the hummingbird feeders, cleaned them and filled them. Now I'm waiting...

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