Sunday, September 7, 2008

Toads revisited

As soon as I posted the last blog, I went outside to work in my garden. I was planting flowers in a round, clay pot. I stuck my finger into the dirt to make room for the flower's roots and felt something hard beneath my fingertip. I tried to pry the rock out with my finger...and the rock moved! It was the toad! No wonder the little toad keeps appearing at my back door--she's made a home in one of my flower pots! I planted the flowers in a moon shape around the edges of the pot--because of their connections with water and darkness, toads are often associated with the moon in folklore--leaving a large space for her to come and go. I didn't plant any in the middle where she is hiding. I left the pot on the planting table--that's where it was when she climbed inside. Perhaps it provides more safety for her.

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