Friday, September 12, 2008

Froggy Trauma!

Now we have a drama! I believe I know why the snake keeps climbing into my window--he wants my window frog! I was walking through the house when I heard my husband shouting. I ran outside and found him struggling with something in the pond. The snake was in the pond and he had the largest of the Southern Leopard frogs foot in his mouth! Steve actually managed to tug on the snake with a stick hard enough while I held the frog and he let go. I was worried the frog might lose a foot, but it would be better than losing his life. The snake is still in the pond, hiding. We grabbed Leo and set her in a bowl of water on the other side of the house. She's still in the bowl, breathing very fast, but she's allowing Steve and I to both check on her, so I think she's calming a little bit.

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